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[z4;0;0;0;2;1;2;465;9;0;2;2;1;y] soap lavender
Manufacturing of our Marseille's soap
Our Marseille's soap are made the traditional way in our soap factory nestled in the heart of Provence.
We respect the traditional skills of the method called "Marseille" and we only use oils and 100% vegetable bases.
All steps are plotted and carried out by hand to ensure the quality and craftsmanship of our side Marseille's soaps.
Our commitment
We manufacture our products in accordance with the traditions and recipes of the past to preserve authenticity.
Respect for the material:
Quality and respect for the raw material to manufacture a genuine rendering incomparable ! We must therefore accept a product with slightly imperfect finish.

Our expertise :
Our actions performed manually give us great expertise and extensive experience.

Our products are subject of clinical analysis in accredited laboratory and are not tested on animals, they contain no animal ingredients (except honey, pollen and beeswax).
They are in accordance with the standards developed by the National Agency of Safety.
Our soaps are from a handcrafted with natural products 72% vegetable oil and enriched with shea butter and essential oils of Grasse in the European Label 12m (minimum guaranteed scents 12 months). No color synthesis, only crushed minerals. Contains no surfactant or Parabens.
We are a member of the AFSM (Association of the Manufacturers of Marseille Soap), which includes 12 small French factories.
Today, our products are sold worldwide and always made in Provence.
" We really wanted to create a place for our image on the markets that immerses consumers into a universe of feelings, while being at the forefront of manufacturing methods. "
Sérignan Market - Southern France / Alain Authier